Budapest-based Hungarian freelance photographer, photojournalist Bea Kovacs is interested in documentary photography, portrait and social topics. Long-term projects stand closer to her, as the humility, empathy and sensitivity which came with her experience enrich the stories she would like to tell. She likes to address difficult topics such as the life of ill, struggling children; show their everyday life, how they and their family try to overcome obstacles so she can draw attention to their difficulties. Also she likes to visit the villages of her homeland, and capture the slowly vanishing traditions, the life of older people. Through this she can show how the meaning of life changes from one generation to the other. She pays attention to the South Caucasian countries, where she likes to capture the link between people and their environment, the colorful differences between cultures. 

Her "Coma Vigil" photo series won the "Everyday life (series)” category and the André Kertész Grand Prize of the Hungarian Press Photo 2020 for the best documentary photographs focusing on people. 

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